Wetherby Sports Association is about providing a home for sports in Wetherby that otherwise would struggle to find a safe and welcoming meeting place.

Originally set up to be the home of Wetherby Athletic and Wetherby Bulldogs, Wetherby Sports Association has seen its ranks grow over the years, welcoming other clubs and societies such as the Wetherby Runners, Wetherby Wheelers and Petanque.

Wetherby Athletic

Wetherby Athletic has also seen its ranks grow with the development of the Sports Association as a base. Now 6 Senior Teams play over the weekend playing at various standards with 2 ladies teams.

Wetherby Athletic Junior Football Club

Wetherby Athletic Junior Football Club have teams for girls and boys of all abilities from 4 years of age up to 17 and our football for children with special educational needs is thriving.

Wetherby Bulldogs

Wetherby Rugby League Club is an amateur club; which has an open age team as well as junior teams. They have junior players that have progressed through all age groups and have made it to The Super League and The NRL in Australia. Wetherby Bulldogs have fully trained coaches at all age groups.

Wetherby Runners

One of the clubs that joined the Sports association after it was built. Starting as a small group of dedicated runners training for long distance events it has seen its numbers grow by an unbelievable number. Last year 160 runners applied for membership at Wetherby Sports Association and the club is still growing. You dont have to be a great runner as there are varying degrees of difficulty.


Also known as French Boules, Petanque is played on the specially prepared terrain next to the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA).

Some members play only socially, others play competitively in both leagues and weekend events locally and at national level.

Visit for contact details and more information about Petanque.

Wetherby Wheelers

Wetherby Wheelers cycling club, founded in 1985 and affiliated to the CTC, YCF and CTT. Wetherby Wheelers are a friendly and sociable club. Club runs are on Thursdays and Sundays, these start from Wetherby Town Hall. There is also an evening time trials league on Thursday evenings through the summer.

Wetherby and District Angling Club

Wetherby and District Angling Club Day tickets are available at Wetherby Sports Association behind the bar.

Table Tennis

With 3 Teams playing in the Leeds Table Tennis League. The ‘A’ Team playing on Tuesday nights and the ‘B’ and ‘C’ team playing on Thursdays.